Wednesday, 12 May 2010

.Film in the Fridge.

If you love sewing and you are a blog reader then there is no doubt you are a reader of the fabulous blog: Film in the Fridge.

Ashley (Film in the Fridge author) has been inspiring me since my crafty blog reading days began, with her amazing quilts and I always look forward to her blog posts. Her colour combinations and design are brilliant and her string quilts are among my favourites. She even has a shop selling some of her quilts and I believe she takes custom orders also.

Last week I was reading her blog and the first thing I saw was this picture:

I thought the shirts looked familiar and was totally shocked when I continued to read and realised that here was Film in the Fridge giving a rave review about my Shearwater Kaftan pattern!!! And don't they look great?!

Yesterday I was checking up on her blog again and so excited to see she had made TWO MORE Shearwater Kaftans! Seriously - are a machine!!! Being the green-lover that I am, I am TOTALLY in love with this one:

I still haven't tried out Anna Maria-Horner's cotton voile range but have been meaning to make a Shearwater Kaftan out of one of her prints and am very inspired to get sewing now!

Check out what Ashley did with her fourth Shearwater Kaftan...a few modifications (read about them here) and she has created a super cute short sleeved summer top - I think it is brilliant!

So, thankyou Ashley for sharing your Shearwater Kaftan creations with us! I know that it is always a little daunting to muster up the courage to sew something for yourself so hopefully reading about Ashley's experience with her shirts will give you the courage to take the plunge :)


  1. Yes Ashley is quite amazing! She was one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. I would love to try to make this top. Its just gorgeous!

  2. These are gorgeou but Like you Toni - I love that green one - beautiful.

  3. Thanks Toni for such a nice post! Your pattern is my absolute favorite - I never thought I'd be able to make my own shirts, but I love these, and the best part is they're easy and fun to make! Thanks so much for such a great pattern!!