Sunday, 30 December 2007

.a bit of this and that.

We were so lucky yesterday to have our friends Mel and Dean and their children come over for a BBQ. Mum and Dad have had a BBQ for about 7 years and have only used it a handful of times, so now that we live close we have "borrowed" it for awhile.

It was so lovely sitting out in the sunshine sharing food and good company, Oscar just LOVES to death Jackson, Charna and Kealin, he hasn't seen them since we moved from Deloraine over a month ago and still talks about them every day. So he was so very excited to be able to play with them for a few hours.

We love Mel and Dean, they are the kind of friends that I don't stress about the house being clean when they come over and we can truly be ourselves around them.

Charna is baby-crazy - lucky for Mel as she is due to have her baby in about 6 weeks!
The kids loved swinging around in the hammock.

My sweet, perfect baby girl has turned a new leaf. She is still absolutely lovely and easy to have around during the day, but for about a week now she has started waking up in the night, and I don't mean just a little unsettled, she is like crying for hours on end. Especially worse when she is in her cot, if I put her into bed with us then she is a bit better, but still crys a lot! What to do?!!! I don't really mind babies sleeping in our bed with us, I know that it won't go on forever and I'm a huge advocate of doing whatever is going to get you some sleep as a parent. Hopefully she will get over her waking up at night quickly, whatever is causing it. She has had a bit of a cold, and so we are blaming that at the moment, perhaps she is finding it hard to breathe and that wakes her up. She really relies on her dummy to sleep also, I love dummies, but when she wakes up crying because it has fallen out of her mouth a few times a night I am starting to think that we need to get rid of it...I will just have to be prepared for a few nights and daytime naps of crying though and I don't think I am ready for that yet! I remember that Oscar did exactly the same thing as a baby though, slept beautifully until about 5 months and then started to wake up and was shocking at night time for the next year! Please don't follow in your big brother's footsteps little one!
So, after church today we were inside getting changed and having some lunch when we realised that Oscar wasn't inside. After going on a little hunt outside, Jaron found him in the raspberry patch stuffing his face! He loves raspberries sooo much and comes out of the patch with raspberry juice dribbling down his face and onto his top! At least I know he will never starve!


The Kings said...

Oh no Lil!! What is going on!? Do you think it could be teeth already Tone? Sometimes they seem to bother them for months before they even come. I do agree that the dummy may have to go (easy to say, but not to do!), but you will have to leave that till YOU are ready or it will be too stressful. Maybe it is just the immunisations and the cold mucking her up. Fingers crossed that she will get back to normal soon. Do you know about saline nose spray? We use it all the time with Noah and you can use it with babies - it is just saline that you can squirt up their nose and it helps to clear it and helps them to breath better.

Marnie said...

Nice to see a pic of Mel, tell her I said hi! It must be nice to have a big yard to hang out in on nice days. Happy new year xx

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