Wednesday, 19 December 2007

.My Blogging Buddies.

Monday was lots of fun having lunch and a play at Simone's house with Lisa and Chelsea. These three girls are my blogging buddies, I love to read their blogs and learn so much from them (hanging out in real life is much more fun though!) Through these girls I learn to laugh, have fun, be charitable and trustworthy, relaxed and spontaneous. I learn to go with the flow, create memories, find beauty in the little things and solve problems. I learn tried and tested mothering skills. I learn how to be a friend.


Marnie said...

What a lovely post, cool pics too. How blessed you are to have such special people in your life xx

The Kings said...

Awww - that is nice Tone. Not sure if you are talking about us, or some other friends of yours though!? ha ha

Chelsea Parsons said...

awww is right! You sure you get all that from us!!! He he! I feel the same!

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