Saturday, 16 May 2009

.inspired by the coin.

I need an "on-the-go" hand-sewing project that I can have ready for when I feel like having a sit on the couch and do some quiet stitching. I haven't had anything in progress for awhile, but knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Remember the kids beds? I put together some fabric to make them a quilt each back when we painted the beds. The plan is to have white sheets and doona covers, then "decorating" the beds with a fun quilt.

Lately, I have been really inspired by quilts which feature a lot of white, especially Coin Quilts. Here are some favourites from flickr:

Image from ariel quilts
Images from trinasdoings
Image from handmadebyalissa

Here is the start...I've pieced all of the "coins" and hopefully tonight will get to sew in the white sashing between the strips. I'll do all of the piecing for the front by machine, then spend some slow, sewing time hand-quilting on the couch. Perfect activity for cold, winter evenings...


sweet emmelie said...

love the colours, looking good!

The Kings said...

Beautiful colours Tone.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Fantastic! Beds look great too. I'm loving the coin quilts myself at the moment. Love white with brights.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I love that style of quilt :) Can't wait to see the finished pieces!

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