Thursday, 18 March 2010



"Oishii"...apparently it means "delicious" in Japanese. Well, I really hope it does, or else this could be kind of embarassing!!


I don't think I have mentioned it on my blog yet but I know Carli has, so if you read her blog then you already know that the baby of our family is going on a mission to Japan.

Cade and a couple of his mates like to refer to anything good as "delicious" - it totally cracks me up...

"that swim at the beach was delicious"
"cricket's on telly tonight - delicious"
"Fiji is going to be delicious"

Get it?!! I love it! Like the time some guy stopped outside Mum and Dad's new house and told my brother Ty that the external cladding looked "Mickey Mouse"!! That was funny too.


I wanted to make Cade a pencil case to take with him as an early birthday gift as he celebrates his 20th birthday a couple of days after he leaves for the MTC. I needed it to be boy-friendly but also wanted something a bit different to plain fabric front and back. So I started hunting around and was totally inspired by this Etsy store. Check it out...such funky style!

The back of the pencil case is made from an old pair of cords that I don't wear anymore - talk about sentimental value!!! Haha!

So fun to make, I can see myself going on a sewing spree with these...awesome way to use up some of the ever-growing scrap box!!

He hasn't seen it yet but I know he will think it rocks :)



Camilla Mitchell said...

haha, yes yes, it definitely does Toni!

This is cute, by the way! I like it!

make it perfect said...

phew! thanks for the confirmation camilla :)

Unknown said...

I love the way you have combined all those lovely fabric scraps. Very inspiring!

(Oh and the word verification is "mixes" - how apt!)

Melissa said...

Thats so cute! Please give us amateur sewers some instructions!!

marnie said...

hmm...tutorial??? I have lots of scraps that would be perfect for this...was it easy to make? xx

Rebecca said...

he will love it ! ha check out the word verification " in God" so appropriate!!

Jess said...

Love the pencil case with all the different materials..

The Kings said...

VERY cool!!!!! I want one :)

sm[ash]. said...

i played a japanese war lord in a school production once and his name was oishi. random fact :)

Kate said...

Gorgeous! I think it definitely rocks!
I just wanted to let you know that I made your Uptown Girl jacket last night and I LOVE it! Both the pattern and the jacket itself. I don't generally enjoy sewing from patterns but yours was so clear and easy to follow. I wrote about it on my blog today. Thanks so much and have a great weekend. Oh and if you ever make it again in larger sizes (up to age 10 say), I'd definiately buy that one too.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

looks great! so clever, is there a pattern or tutorial for these??
Jacinta B

Karin van Dam said...

Very cute. I love the fabric combinations! And thanks for teaching me a new Japanese word. I love learning new words in different languages :-)

The Jacks said...

Oh i love it! Love how you made it say delicious, great!!! Suzanne made me one of these when i went into RS

Shann said...

Please please please list a tutorial for us to hoo and haa over and try.

Shannon Margaret
shannon . margaret. brott @ GMAIL dot COM

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