Friday 9 July 2010

.More Pretty Necklaces.

So, you can tell when I've been watching TV at night times because there is less sewing and more crafting going on! I can't watch TV without doing something else...usually it is hand-quilting but I don't have one ready to work on at the moment so this week has brought a few more Citrus pOp necklaces to the store.

I'm going to be using my Made It store as the main Citrus pOp outlet. I'll leave what I have on the Etsy store for now, but new items will be listed on Made It. It seems that is the place I am getting more interest and traffic and I don't want to be keeping track of two stores! If you prefer to shop on Etsy though, I'm more than happy to set up a custom listing for you over there for any items you see in my Made It store.

This week I've had a few requests for, and sent out a few wholesale orders to boutique stores across Australia. I wasn't really sure how to respond when I was contacted - I started Citrus pOp as a little hobby because the hairpins and necklaces are pretty and fun to make. I didn't know if I wanted to go down that road but I'll give it a try and can always say no later on if it's not working out!

Anyway, I do love these necklaces and want to keep them all for myself...if you see one or two mysteriously disappear from the shop then it is highly likely that they have made their way into my jewellery box ;)


Bec said...

They are absolutely amazing!! i love them!!

Laurie Scicluna said...

oh Tony I LOVE them! There so hip and trendy!

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