Thursday 19 August 2010

.Sleeping the Kids.

The blog has been quiet this week. Everything has been fairly low-key around here lately actually. It started with Jaron getting sick on Sunday and then Lil quickly followed on Monday evening. After a shocking night with her up and crying for hours on Tuesday (very out of character for her to wake in the night time) I took her to the doctor on Wednesday to find that she has a throat and ear infection. Poor little thing. There has been icky pussy wax flowing from her ears for a few days (yeah, really gross) but she started on antibiotics yesterday and has really perked up today.

So, my big plan this week was to get started on a new pattern. The ideas are flowing and I know exactly what I need to do, but when the kids finally get to bed at night the inspiration stops and I have not managed to touch the sewing machine once this week. It will soon as this creative-block passes :)

This week has marked the 6 month anniversary living in our new house. When we first moved in we told ourselves that we would have the landscaping finished in 2 months...and it still isn't done. Hopefully in a few more weeks it will be mostly taken care of. We haven't really had a weekend for 6 months and are feeling it. It is all worth it at the end of the day though - our own home with everything as we like it.

We are getting set to put some more decorating touches on the inside of the house too...I've been doing a little internet surfing to get some inspiration and am in love with this kid's bedroom. I love my kids sharing a room. At the moment Tommy has his own, but when he gets bigger I know he will want to join in with the big kids. I've told Jaron that in the next house we build, I want a big bedroom for all three to share just like this set up. I don't know how long they will want to share for...hopefully until they are 10? Jaron will just have to do some clever architecture stuff to make the room usable once they are a bit older and decide they need their own space. At the moment, the kid's bedrooms are set up so that they only house their beds and books. All of the toys are in the studio so, to me, having a bedroom each is a total waste of space if all they are doing is sleeping there.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. I'm off to go and write some lists and maybe even cut into some fabric ;)


Melissa said...

Wow, wouldn't the kids just love that room! You've got me thinking actually. I have a wall between the two big kids rooms (as you know), knock it out and it would be one BIG room. Then when they get bigger and need space just bung it back up! Hmm if only it was that easy. Not sure Andy will go for my (your) new idea though??!!

The Kings said...

oh no - to me having the boys have their own room each is TOTAL luxury. I can't wait for them to each have their own room (except for Noah of course) as there will no longer be fighting about who made the mess, and who needs to clean it up, and who is bothering who! They can all just go to their own room and chill out and have some quiet time and I know who has made the mess, so know which boy to nag to clean it up! :) Can't wait!! :) I've happily sacrificed having an office so that they can each have their own room.

rachelmp said...

I hope the kids are better and you get a bit of time to sew. We have three kids in one room - a very big room that would have originally been a formal lounge room. It's hard to get them to sleep sometimes but they love it. Will see what happens when Ayden goes to Uni and his room is spare!

Jonglören said...

Wow. Finaly someone who thinks like me. My two biggest kids are charing room and we are about to clean out a room and move all toys there and leave only beds and books in their bedroom. Everyone around me thinks I´m crazy to think like that though.

Unknown said...

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