Tuesday, 23 November 2010

.Helpful blog post.

Morning!  This is a bit of a boring post, but will be very helpful if you would like me to answer questions that you leave for me in comments...
My friend Kate taught me how to do this and it certainly has made my blogging life easier :)
So, when you leave a comment on my (or anyone else's) blog post, your comment will either be displayed as "anonymous" or with your profile name.  All of the comments left on my blog also show up in my inbox.  Unfortunately more than half of the comments that are left on my blog do not have an email address directly associated with them - which makes it really hard for me to reply to you or answer a question that you may have asked me!
To make things a lot easier, PLEASE do this:
Go to your blog and click on the "Dashboard" link at the top of the page.  Even if you don't have a blog, you can still have a blogger account which you can leave comments from.
When you click on "Dashboard", you will see the following page:
Then click on "Edit Profile" on the left-hand side...
Which will take you to the following page.  In order for me to be able to reply directly to your comments, all you have to do is tick the box that says "Show my email address".  Easy!!  This doesn't mean that everyone will be able to see your email address, but does mean that when your comment shows up in my inbox, I can reply to you directly from my email.
If you don't have a blogger account and are always leaving comments as "Anonymous" that is fine too, but if you want me to know who you are or would like me to answer a question, PLEASE type your email address into the comment.  I often have people asking me questions about pattern availability, supplies used, etc. and most of the time I can't respond because I don't have your email address to reply to.

Okay, boring stuff aside...
I have had tonnes of people asking about purchasing my book overseas.  Currently it is not available overseas, but should be sometime in the future.  Yes, postage from my store is VERY expensive for New Zealand and the rest of the world.  The book weighs almost 1.5kg which means it costs a lot for me to post.  I have had a hunt around some online stores selling my book though and have found a few with quite reasonable postage rates.
Take a look at one of the following:
Hope this helps someone out there!


Jessie said...

Maybe this shows that I'm not very on top of the blogging world, but this was incredibly helpful. Thank you. :)

Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for all the great info - I'm bookmarking your post to link to the next time I have a giveaway, related to the no-reply bloggers.

And thanks for the info about other places to purchase your book - Fishpond appears to have the best rates, but they have it listed as unavailable right now - so I guess congratulations are in order!! Woohoo!!

Ruth said...

I just came here to say it is unvailable on Fishpond too- but someone beat me to it! I hope to get it soon. Oh, and this post was incredibly helpful- thankyou

Tanya said...

I'll be trying to win copies of your book until it's available in Canada!

Karie said...

Thanks so much!! That was very helpful and I even was able to put a picture up too which I wasn't able to do before. Thanks. I will link to this page from my blog later this aft. :)

Tracy said...

Congratulations on the book :) looks fabulous. Now I must go and see if I can get my email address fixed


Tracy said...

I managed to find a copy of your book in Port Pirie SA at Megs books :) it's my birthday tomorrow and my mum had sent me some money so it's my birthday present. Only had a quick read through on the way home in the car but looks fabulous! Will do a blog review later in the week.

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