Wednesday 2 March 2011

.March Cool Shops! TIED WITH A RIBBON.

Welcome to our next Cool Shop! - Tied With A Ribbon...
If you are on the lookout for quality handmade fabric and felt gifts then this is the place for you! Tied With A Ribbon is full of fun and unique treasures - from hairclip hangers to DIY felt kits to pre-made felt decorations - all created by Jemima.
I'm loving the cute Owl Hairclip Hanger that Jemima sent to us to have a play with.  Lil and I have a lot of clips cluttering up one of the drawers in our bathroom and it is hard to find what we are looking for.  This hanger solves all of my problems!  Plus it looks funky housing all of our clips.  The hanger has been designed for the clips to sit on either side of the strip, but I quite like how they sit on the ribbon running down the center of the hanger - which is also handy for tying your hair ribbons to!

Jemima also kindly sent us one of her Bouncing Bunnies Felt Kits.  These are great and my first impression was that it would be the ideal gift for an older child who was interested in learning to sew.  The whole thing took me about 15 minutes to finish and is completely hand-sewn.  The Bunnies would also be great for an extra Easter gift or decoration.

Tied With A Ribbon has a range of great DIY Felt Kits which include pretty much everything you need to make your own.  Check out the Funny Frogs, Lovely Ladybirds and Gingerbread Men.
Some other great products avaliable from Tied With A Ribbon...
Felt Needlebook - great to house your sewing needles:
Tooth Fairy Pillow:
Easter Bunny Party Bags - wouldn't this be the best way to deliver your eggs:
Babushka Hairclip Hanger:
Tied With A Ribbon is offering Make It Perfect readers a special discount of 15% off all purchases from now until the 1st April.  Thanks Jemima!!
(Use code COOLSHOP15 during checkout.)

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Sophie said...

Oh my gosh, I am in love! How cute are ALL those things!

quilary said...

Wow what lovley little gifts and things in this shop. I don't think I would have found this, but it is perfect for girls birthday presents - I've been looking for something different to give. Thanks.

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