Friday, 30 September 2011

.Little Monkey Basic Tee.

Thanks ladies for the lovely comments and feedback about my new pattern, The Honey Blouse.  The pattern has started hitting shops so you should be able to find one online or near you now.  If you'd like to see another version made up, check out Karen's gorgeous red spotty blouse!

I told you I had a few more Basic Tees to is Tommy is all of his cuteness, wearing his little monkey long-sleeved version.
Lisa at Crafty Mamas threw in this monkey print free with my last order (she looks after me like that!)...I'm still getting used to novelty print knit fabrics - for some reason I can't see past PJs, but I've changed my mind after sewing with a few of them now and think they are great for every day kids clothing too.
Last time he wore the tee, someone asked me if it was Sooki Baby (love that brand!) but I was happy to proudly tell them no, I made it myself :)
The tee is cute, but even cuter is watching Tommy make monkey actions and sounds every time he looks at his top!  Love it!
Make It Perfect, Basic Tees pattern
Vicente knit, Cheeky Monkeys in Turquoise
Stella knit in Chocolate 


Crafty Mama said...

Love it Toni! Very Scandi looking- looks adorable on your little man!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the monkey shirt! I'm so glad you saw past PJs so that people who don't live at your house can see that shirt out and about. Your son is pretty darn cute as well!

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