Thursday, 5 April 2012

.Lap Quilt - take 2.

Another Nani Iro double gauze lap quilt because we love the other one so much.
As is the usual story, I bought the fabrics (from Kelani) and they sat in the cupboard for many months until we had a cold and dreary Saturday which made me switch into "get ready for Winter snuggle mode."
A highly recommended, quick and easy weekend project (and you can use any fabric, but double gauze is extra luxurious).
Nani IRO double gauze, Colourful Pocho, Multi on Seeded Natural
Nani IRO double gauze, Fuwari, Pink on Cream


Kirsten Anderson said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love those fabrics but my kids always drag our blankets round and they get filthy :(

Keren said...

That fabric is absolutely gorgeous!

Delightful Domestic Science said...

How completely beautiful!

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