Thursday, 30 August 2012

.Lamby Kisses.

 My littlest brother got engaged on Tuesday.  Now i'm starting to feel old!
He proposed in the sweetest way - with a shiny ring tied around a cute, little lamb's neck.

Sam and I were on a top-secret mission to secure the ring before they arrived.  When we arrived at the farm, the lamb had escaped and Sam chased it around the paddock. The lamb obviously didn't know it's important role for the day as it was totally skitz and kept trying to jump the fence of the pen inside the barn!  We had to evacuate the scene and crossed our fingers that it didn't take off with the ring - or eat it before they arrived!

Cade tells me that crazy lamb had escaped when they got there and was frolicking around the paddock - but quickly ran to be with them when it saw they had a bottle of warm milk.  Talissa fed the lamb it's milk and didn't even realise there was a dimond ring tied around it's neck until Cade pointed it out.  I think she was too infatuated with the fact that she was on a farm, wearing gumboots feeding a cute lamb.  Perfect engagement setting for country-boy meets city-girl.

Welcome to the family Talissa!  Another sister-in-law to add to the gang!  And she gets the dreaded "T" Triffitt name...I used to try and avoid saying "Toni Triffitt" to people on the phone because it was such a mouthful!  Bring on 1st December!!


L!$@ said...

What a cute way to propose! Those two sure look happy and in love :D

Emily said...

Congrats! They look so happy! What a cute way to propose. :) I'm a little obsessed with "baby lambs," as my daughter calls them. :)

The Kings said...

So cool!! So lovely to finally meet her. So happy for them.

Chelsea Parsons said...

awwwwww... good on Cade.

Jayjay said...

How gorgeous. Your photos are always so great. Thanks for starting my Friday so nicely.

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