Friday, 29 March 2013

.The Waterfall Blouse - if you're NOT pregnant.

Thanks for your Waterfall Blouse-love...I'm excited there are so many people out there who want to sew themselves one. And especially excited that there are so many of you pregnant (or soon to be pregnant) who are looking forward to having an easy and flattering maternity top for them to sew.

But, what about those of you who aren't pregnant? I told you that I would share some pics of my gorgeous sister-in-law modelling the exact same top that I am wearing in the previous post. She is (obviously) not pregnant, I was 28 weeks in the photos so I think it gives you a good comparison of how versatile the top really is.
The fit is equally flattering for those with a baby bump and those without (and those with some left-over!) and I love that adding a belt to the midriff or under the bust gives the top a completely different look!
And for another non-pregnant look at the Waterfall Blouse, check out Rachels. I love her all-black version, it looks extremely classy and stylish!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a newby to sewing and am gearing up for sewing your waterfall blouse. i have made costumes but geenrally these have been done without following a pattern so i just go with the flow. My question is the biased binding - having read the pattern instructions what i dont understand is why on your photo your neckline does not look like its had bias binding attached as the pattern seems perfect?? can you explain please? thanks Jo

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