Monday, 8 June 2015

.Spotty Skippy.

Did you know that Make It Perfect attended the last International Quilt Market in Minneapolis? Well, I wasn't there in person but my pattern distributors (Creative Abundance) were there showcasing my patterns along with a few other designers from Australia.

I sent over a whole heap of samples for display and it was a great excuse to sew up a few fresh ones too.
I have a cupboard full of Make It Perfect samples but sometimes I sneak the samples out of the cupboard and into my own wardrobe! I needed to make a new Skippy dress because nothing was sample-worthy and this is what was created...

I used an Art Gallery knit, and am so happy with the quality of this fabric. It's great that the bigger fabric manufacturers are spending more time creating fabrics that are suited to sewing clothing, the variety and types of fabrics are ever increasing giving us so many more options for sewing. 
I didn't use any contrasting fabrics for this dress, just the spots all the way through and I love the effect. I'm not sure where this dress will end up should be living in the samples cupboard so I don't have to sew up another one next time I need a sample but I can feel it making it's way towards my own wardrobe!
Make It Perfect, Skippy pattern
Art Gallery knit, Dotted Boulevard by Sara Lawson


KarenJ said...

Definitely add it to your cupboard, it looks great on you!

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Love it Toni - looks awesome on you!

Kirsty said...

Oh definitely move it from sample to wardrobe staple!

Wendy said...

I love this pattern and the print is awesome too! I'm thinking of making it for my post pregnancy wardrobe, have you ever b-feeding friendlyed it?

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