Thursday, 7 December 2006

The First Post

My new blog...very excited! This has been on my list of things to do for months and I just haven't managed to get around to it, but finally - here I am!

I am hanging out to take Oscar for a swim now that the weather is warming up, he has never been before and I can't wait to take some picutres and see what he thinks of it. We were going to go to the Deloraine Pool a few days ago and didn't make it, since then we have found out that it doesn't open until this weekend anyway. He has the cutest little swimmers and rashie that Nana bought him last year for christmas ready for the next summer.

We got our first fake christmas tree ever (for me anyway) this year. I am still getting used to it. Usually christmas is about going to the bush and cutting down christmas trees from the forestry plantations and hoping that you don't get caught! Also accompanied by arguing and fighting over the perfect tree! I couldn't bear the thought of Oscar and a real tree sitting in a bucket of water right next to our stereo this year so the fake one is a goer for now! Oscar is having a great time un-decorating the bottom half of the tree! I made some funky decorations using my favourite Basic Grey papers this year - pretty proud of them...


Anonymous said...

AHAHHAAHAHA Thought I'd just leave a comment cos I knew how excited you would be if you got one!! Congrats on tha Bubble.... so xcitd for ya's!
Love much Bretty

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