Sunday, 18 March 2007

Later 'Cob

This is our good friend Jacob (Cob). We saw him off at the airport on Saturday when he left for his mission to Auckland, New Zealand. He is off to Sydney for a few days to spend with his family and go through the temple and then on Thursday he leaves for the NZ MTC.

It seemed to be a day for retarded face photos. This photo of Jaron made Filipa and I laugh so hard and now everything is funny. I don't think it is actually as bad as we are laughing, but once we started we couldn't stop!

Jarom looking good...

Hmmm...are you okay Emily??

Okay, so perhaps Jacob had taken a couple too many sleeping pills the night before!! You gotta lay off those now buddy! All the best and have fun eating taro and having lots of hungis!!! We'll see you in 2 years when you get FAT!


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