Friday, 23 March 2007

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head...

Yep, its finally raining. We have had a beautiful heavy downpour this evening so far, I actually forgot what rain felt like until I had to pick up my Nan to take her to a baby shower this evening and we ran (well, hobbled) through the rain to get into the was wonderful! Lets hope that it lasts for at least the weekend because we really need it.

Went to a baby shower for Louise Triffitt tonight. Had a lovely time helping her get ready for the arrival of their little boy, was nice to catch up with friends also and have a bit of kid-free time! I made this quilt for Louise a few weeks ago and gave it to her tonight. They live on a farm, hence the chicken theme!

I had such a lovely lazy day today at home with Oscar. The only housework I did was a load of washing (which is on the line getting nice and wet now - can't complain!) and for the rest of the day I did sewing and cooking and managed to squeeze in a nap aswell. I finished off this little bag for Oscar for Sundays to take special toys and things to church in. Whenever I am shopping I keep my eyes open for cheap little random bits and pieces that I hope may keep him entertained for as much of Sacrament Meeting as possible!! When we were in Melbourne last Nanna helped us get started on the collection. Lets hope it works! Stickers have been a hit lately so I have been reserving those for church.

And this is me tonight at 22 weeks...only 18 to go and I have so much to do!!! Don't come too quickly little baby!


The Parsons said...

You'de think I could get it together and do a cool church bag like that!!!! Great idea..... So glad to hear you have rain! You look great Tone.... poppin' out there!!!!! Love it!

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