Sunday, 22 April 2007

Family, beach and chocolate too...

We have had lots of fun and busy times in Melbourne this week - only 2 days to go and we will be back to our usual same old routine again.

Grandie and Nana left for Sydney the day after we arrived, so we were lucky to get to spend a little bit of time with them. We will see them again in a few months when they come to visit us in Tasmania.

We spent a few hours in St Kilda on Friday as Whitney had a big drama performance at a theater there, while we were waiting for her to get ready we walked down to St Kilda beach and had fun walking on the sand and enjoying the fresh air.

Then yesterday we took Whitney, Spenser and Ashleigh to a FANTASTIC chocolate cafe we discovered last time we were up here in Chadstone called Koko Black. It has to die for iced chocolates, it is like you are drinking iced cold melted top quality chocolate, so we all indulged in one - a kilo of chocolate goes for about $90 there!!! Good stuff! Oscar was treated to a little babychino (milk and froth) and a chocolate rabbit lollypop, he was in his element and thought he was such a big boy.

My tummy is getting disgustingly large at an ever increasing rate - it is bad news!!! I am not ready for the baby yet, but I am ready to get rid of my is only going to get bigger though!


The Parsons said...

you look smashing girl! One very cute pregant girl! Ohhh the iced chocolates look so yum and the photos are all great too. Some cute angles and perspectives. Love it!

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