Sunday, 8 April 2007

This little boy turns 18 months old...

Oscar turned 18 months yesterday - another half-birthday. There was an easter riverbank festival in Deloraine yesterday so we took him down, he had so much fun - there were ball pits and jumping castles, face painting, balloons, animals and plenty to see and do...the best part for us was that everything was FREE!! So, that was his "half-birthday celebration!

This morning Easter Bunny came to our house - after weetbix of course! Oscar was beside himself with excitement getting chocolate so early in the morning! He just had a little bit and then we put the rest away for later on, he ended up getting heaps more at church from his friends and teachers so we have a nice stash in the cupboard now!

Some early morning easter photos and a couple of Oscar ready for church - he is such a big boy now, all of a sudden in the last couple of weeks he just knows so much and does so much more, trying to count everything and understands instructions and commands (working on "get Mummy a nappy and the wipes" for the new baby!). Every day he says new words and copies things that we do.


MattP said...

Oscar to chocolate . . . "Look into my Eyes". You should have a caption contest! Oscar is the best.

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