Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Catching up...

I have had a few photos and bits and pieces I have been meaning to post for the last week or so and just haven't got around to it...so here they are all in one!

We have just enjoyed a visit from Carli, Winston, Mason and Maya. Oscar loved playing with his cousins...its nice that he is old enough to enjoy them now and to have fun playing with them. Maya has a little obsession with dressing up - she discovered Filipa's underwear drawer one morning!

Oscar and Mason watching some telly together:

After what seemed like forever of talking and planning and waiting, Filipa finally left for Africa on Friday! She arrived in Africa yesterday and starts a 3 1/2 week safari tour straight away before embarking on her adventure doing volunteer work in the school. We have had a couple of emails from her already, one from her overnight stay and shopping trip in Bankok on the way and Mum got another one this morning saying that she had lost her credit card already! Good one Fil, lucky she has back-up, and a good Mother to fix everything up for her at home!!! Can't wait to hear al about what she is doing. She was in the newspaper on Saturday:

I came inside from hanging out the washing this morning to find Oscar sitting on his chair brushing his teeth...with 3 toothbrushes! He hasn't been able to reach the top of the vanity in the bathroom until today! Oh well, at least he is doing a good thing and learning the importance of teeth brushing and sharing! ...it could be worse!


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