Tuesday, 22 May 2007

This sucks!

...in a really good way! On the weekend we got a new vacuum cleaner! Out of all of my household chores vacuuming is my very least favourite, but not so anymore! Our old vacuum was just a cheapy but had been going for about 3 years. For the last 6 months the head has been falling off so I have been battling trying to vacuum the floors and keep this head on with my foot at the same time - not fun! No wonder I hated vacuuming so much! But with our new Dyson (which is guaranteed to NEVER loose suction) vacuuming is much more fun...still not my favourite chore...I would rather wash the clothes any day, but it is moving up on the household chore ranking!
While we were at the shop we noticed some little baby Dysons for kids, Jaron asked the man how much they were and how he remembered them being advertised for free a little while ago when you purchased a vacuum (he is such a schemer!), Oscar must have charmed the man at the shop because he said, "I think I have one out the back, let me go and have a look" and he came out with a little free vacuum for Oscar. It has solved one of my problems of Oscar always wanting to ride the vacuum and turn it on and off as I try to get around the house, now he has one of his own to play with!


Marnie Watson said...

Oh so cute- Oscar can come and vaccuum at my house any day!!! Adorable!

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