Saturday, 5 May 2007

To market, to market...

Hehehe! What a funny little adventure. Marnie, Mel and I went to the Deloraine markets today with our home made and home baked goods. We were all a bit nervous and apprehensive about how it would all turn out, but had to do it because we had been saying that we would do it for ages and never actually got around to it! We had a great time, and actually did quite well for our first market experience...looking forward to the next one now! I took a couple of photos but they were quite dodgy (because I felt silly taking them with people looking at me!) but will upload some of Marnie's photos when she emails them to me.


The Parsons said...

Good job Tone and Marnie! Marnie, I had a peek at your blog and was so excited to see that Louella is in your life1! I love Lou. Been a slacker at keeping in contact with her and Steve (Dave my husband was best friends with Steve growing up). Will you say hi to her for me?

Marnie Watson said...

Hi Chelsea....Lou is one of my best friends, we had 'coffee' at a cafe today! I will say Hi to her from you. ..I must admit, Ive had a peek (or two) at your blog- Its cool. I love the Lollypacks! Good luck with selling them!

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