Saturday, 23 June 2007

Acting Debut

Last night Jaron and I went on a date...alone (a VERY rare occurance!). We watched the Don College Production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat". It was fantastic. The kids did an amazing job, top quality and very entertaining. When I attended the Don College in 1999, I was in the production "Pippin". It was an awesome experience, I had so much fun. The productions hold a special place in my heart now, I love watching them every second year when they are put on. Jaron thinks I am a little crazy when we go to see them because I get so excited but I think he is getting used to it!

The other highlight of this years production was Cade's spectacular performance as an Egyptian guard! He was so funny, in a short, short skirt and lots of skin and oil and a huge amount of flexing! He didn't enrol to be in the production, but they needed some buffed boys to be guards so Cade and his footy mates got to star! He did a great job, and cracked us up so much! We wanted to take a photo of him in his costume but he wasn't allowed to come out in it, so for now this is him and Jaron afterwards. When the production is over and he gets to bring his costume home I will be sure to have a photo shoot and post some photos of him in his outfit!!! Something you will definately want to see!!!


Carli said...

How unfortunate - I'll have to wait for the photo for another week!!

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