Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Bath Time!!!

Okay, so this isn't our average bath time adventure but on Sunday night when we went to Mum and Dad's for our weekly roast (yum!) Oscar wouldn't get in the bath because it was too hot when he first got in and then he was too scared to get in after that. So...what else would a crazy Gramma do but to get into her pyjamas and hop in with him!

Splish Splash!


Lisa King said...

That is so funny Tone!!! Your Mum is a good Grandma!

Marnie Watson said...

Hahahaha...love the pics! And man do I wish i had that bath!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Toni that is so funny!! Your mum is crazy!!!
Bec Triffitt

Craig & Robyn said...

Oh that is so sweet, that is definatley the kind of thing Craig's Mum would do!
Oscar looks like he is loving having his Grandma in the bath with him, so sweet :-)

MattP said...

Toni, the evidence is mounting that my sister is a little crazy . . . but loves her grandson to bits!

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