Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Friday's antics...

I have HEAPS to catch up on since the Coward clan have been visiting with us...will have to do it in installments so it doesn't take me forever! Last Thursday I had an appointment at the hospital in Launceston so we spent a few hours looking around town and showing them a few places of significance. We are not big Launceston fans, so didn't really spend much time in there. Dr appointment went well. I was hoping I would get in there and they would tell me to stay because I was in labour without even realising it, but unfortunately that was not the case!!!

We started out Friday (still raining) with a leisurely morning at home and then spent the day traveling towards Devonport. Went to Ashgrove on the way and sampled lots of cheeses - yum!
Then off to Anvers Chocolate Factory and cafe in Latrobe for lunch - one of our favourite places for hot chocolates so we HAD to go there!
We had a look around the shops in Latrobe and went to Reliquaire - a very random and funky shop that is heaps of fun to walk through. They have a huge selection of everything you could ever imagine, kind of like a massive gift shop with lots of different themes. And a crazy disco room with mirrored walls, roof and floors and lots of crazy lights and music and spooky things. Oscar was so cute in there, getting scared and saying "no, no, no, cuggle" over and over again!!
Then we had a quick drive through Devonport but didn't stop anywhere because it was pouring with rain. To finish off the day we drove out to Shearwater and had a look at the beaches and houses and visited Mum and Dad.


Lisa King said...

WHAT!!! Not big Launceston fans!? You obviously don't know all the hot spots - like the beautiful brown river. There is probably going to be a HUGE tourist attraction soon - a beautiful new pulp mill - look out for that one! :o)

The Parsons said...

he he!!! The gorge is pretty cool! COme on Tone....its not that bad! Even better you did a drive thorugh of Devonport!!!

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