Monday, 16 July 2007

Weekend happenings

We did our usual fortnightly Friday night grocery shop on the weekend. Oscar loves coming grocery shopping, running up and down every aisle finding lots of treasures and "yummys" along the way! In the party section, he found a glittery gold hat and was beside himself with excitement. He wore it for the rest of the shop running up to strangers saying "h-at, h-at". Needless to say, it was purchased for him (better than chocolate I suppose!) and he has been obsessed with it ever since! There is glitter all over the carpet in our house now...I think it is going to take awhile to disappear!
On Saturday we had to go to Launceston to get a few things at the shops and took Oscar to the Gorge on the way home to have a play. It was really really cold, so we didn't stay for a long time. The peacocks were out in full force, they are scary devils - I was freaked out, they were getting so close to Oscar, trying to eat his sandwich from out of his hand.
On Saturday night we had a Ward Bushdance at the chapel. Yep, the h-at came along too! Oscar and his little friend Oliver.
When we were driving to Mum and Dad's after church on Sunday Oscar seemed intrigued in his book for the longest wasn't until I took a good look at him that we realised he had actually fallen asleep whilst reading! Poor little man, exhausted after his late night dancing!


The Parsons said...

You only grocery shop every 2 weeks! Now Im truly impressed. you must be sooo organised. I feel like I am at the grocery store evry 3 or 4 days!!!! Glad you went to the Gorge! Launny isnt so bad hey! I was showing Dave all your Tassie photos the other night and it made both of us homesick!!! Thanks Tone!

Carli said...

he is so cute

Lisa King said...

Ah - the gold hat!! Jalen has one too that we got from Woolies and he loves it too and he is almost 8! You may have seen him dancing with it on my blog a few days ago.

MattP said...

Thanks for sharing more of Oscar's escapades (Oscarpades?)! He is such a classic

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