Friday, 31 August 2007

Can you believe she is 4 weeks old??

This is Lil today at 4 weeks...she is an absolute angel. Loves her sleeps, gives us beautiful smiles and has such a placid nature. I wish she would stop growing so that we can enjoy the little baby Lil for longer but she is getting more and more adorable every day.
Oscar loves his little sister...this is him giving her a cuddle (after rolling her onto her tummy so that he could pat her back!).


MattP said...

More wonderful photos! Keep them coming! You both deserve to be immensely proud of your pixies.

The Kings said...

It goes so fast hey!? Although I'm not a big fan of newborns and always want them to grow up a bit faster - until they hit about three - then I want them to stop! :)
Lil is a cutie - and Oscar too.

Anonymous said...

Your kids look so cute, can't believe how many kids everyone has now


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