Sunday, 12 August 2007


I am slowly getting used to the colour pink! It seems like all baby girl clothes are pink, pink and more pink. Yesterday Jaron, Oscar, Lil and I ventured out on our first outing...we were all sick of being housebound during the rainy week so we went to Launceston, had a quick look at the shops, got some lunch then went to the museum to show Oscar the trains and for Jaton to take photos for his final uni project.

Before Lil was born I thought it would be fun to try a bit of knitting during the winter months....there were LOTS of disasters (notice none of my projects made it to the blog??) - except this one...a little jumper and beanie made for Lil...isn't is cute?


Anonymous said...

Lol! I hear you! We have 2 little girls and when you walk into their room it's like stepping inside a musk stick :) Hope all is going well for your cute little family.
- Holly

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