Monday, 17 September 2007

In the sun

A blissfully sunny day today. Lil joined Oscar and I outside while I hung the washing on the line. It was her first time hanging outside in the sun.

Oscar has started to call Lil "Bay-bay", he sings it all day long - he also finds it amusing to try out his "wake up Jeff" shout when Lil is asleep to see if he can get a good reaction from her. Usually she sleeps through it, but when it does wake her up he thinks it is hilarious...I don't!


The Kings said...

Oscar is so cute! I wouldn't be too keen on 'wake up Jeff' either - maybe you should teach him some lullaby's?!
Lil is getting so big.

Sarah said...

Lil and Oscar look so sweet! I'm glad the top fits alright, when I saw it it made me think of you, had to get it!

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