Monday, 22 October 2007

.Little crocheted treasures.

oh so cute...some little crocheted treasures and my baby lil. my aunty barbara crocheted the beautiful cardigan - i wonder if they come in adult sizes because i so want one! she is so clever. the little teddy bear is a gift from marnie. my favourite soft toy - i want to learn to make them. i took a thousand (almost) photos of lil on sunday afternoon, hence the large amount of photos on this post! she was being so adorable.
okay, now i want to learn to crochet!


Sarah said...

There is something so special about handmade treasures! I love the teddy bear especially, but it is all so cute (Lil most of all!).

The Kings said...

sooooo cute!!! Love the little cardie and the teddy and Lil is beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous ted! Lil is soooo photogenic - what a sweet little girl she is.
xo Holly

Marnie Watson said...

Gorgeous photos cute. It was great to see you guys on Saturday (sorry about the short notice!)xx

Angela Weeden said...

What a wonderful treasure! I am like you wishing that I could crochet. Maybe one day! Lil is adorable!

Rebecca said...

Love the cardi and teh teddy - people are so talented!!
She is adorable!

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