Thursday, 8 November 2007

.all over red rover.

After 8 long (but fun) years of Jaron's university study we can excitedly say that today it is finally OVER! Yay - this feels soo good to know that there will be no more assignments, no more lectures, no more models, no more crazy computer work, no more stressful deadlines!

Jaron had his final presentation this afternoon and it went splendidly well. Apparently anxious wives don't make for good university presentation audiences so I wasn't permitted to attend, I would have liked to, but Spotlight was fun enough to keep me entertained!

This is Jaron's final presentation display...
and outside the School of Architecture - for the last time!
HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaron has gone to Melbourne tonight to pick up a new car...if only it were me...on a little trip all by myself! So our home is Daddy-less until Saturday morning. Best go...dirty babies to bath!


Marnie Watson said...

CONGRATULATIONS JARON!!!!! All the best with your job in Burnie.

The Kings said...

Well done to Jaron and all of you for getting through it! That project looks very professional! Now you can enjoy moving and starting a new 'work' life. It is very exciting.

The Bartons said...

Well Done J Good Work!!

The Parsons Family said...

wow, way to go Jaron. Bet that feels amazing. I cant wait for Dave to finish.... not long now! Did you get a place in Burnie yet?

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