Monday, 26 November 2007

.Recipe Monday.

Today I want to share my very favourite pasta dish. There is nothing fancy about it, I like to make it when I can't be bothered cooking dinner and we have a 'get-your own' night. After serving his mission in Italy, Jaron thinks that this is the worst pasta sin to ever be made! He will not touch it, but I LOVE it!

Pasta and Vegies
Small shell pasta
Red capsicum

Cook pasta. While pasta is cooking, dice vegetables and cheese into small cubes (about the same size as the pasta). Mix hot pasta through the cold cheese and vegetables. Season with salt and pepper.

I love it how the pasta is steaming hot and the cheese and vegies are cold from the fridge and then when they are mixed together the cheese becomes soft and gooey and the vegies warm up a little bit. :)


Jackie & Mark said...

Hi Toni, Jarom,Oscar and Lil,
Just writing to say I love how you set your blog up Toni..and we miss you guys around at church. Did you here that Brother Jim or James got called as Bishop Porters 2nd counsellor..From 1 great guy to another..
Anyway we miss you all..come and visit us too.
Mel is doing ok but she has to watch what she does from now more lifting heavy things and especially her kids..
Sherri and Jasen will be coming to Dunorlan to live for good next month..can't wait to have them around and for Christmas..
Will get in contact with you guys before Christmas
Love Jackie

Anonymous said...

Yum Toni! Mom used to make something like this minus the cucumber but + chicken, cubed cheese and heinz salad cream and serve it all chilled. Soooo good esp for a summers dinner.

Carli said...

I'm going to make this with my christmas tree pasta from Aldi

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