Saturday, 3 November 2007

.some soap.

for carli and marnie...
my one and only craft fair purchase:
seriously, not much craft fair info to blog about. its the same every year and every year i say i won't bother going for a few years and i always end up there again! it's a nice day out, but i'm a stinge when it comes to other people's handmade goods...i look at it and think "i can make that myself for half the price!" not good, i should probably support the handmade industry a bit more than i do!
the soap smells delicious, i don't think i will be able to bring myself to use it for awhile so i can keep smelling it - i love anything minty. oh, and aunty deidre did shout me lunch - got a yummy lamb gypsy roll and a hot chocolate from anvers.


Marnie Watson said...

Awesome soap!hehe

Carli said...

I can make three litres of hand soap with that! Thanks.

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