Tuesday, 25 December 2007

.how to open presents 101.

Santa's elves must have been having a present wrapping crisis when they wrapped up Oscar's Christmas presents this year. The poor little guy had a hard time breaking into the mission impossible little parcels...

Step 1:
Try really really hard to peel off the sticky tape with your fingers.
Step 2:
Have a go at ripping into them with your teeth when the fingers don't work.
Step 3:
After having no luck with finger ripping and teeth tearing, ask Mum for help.
Step 4:
Now that you have worked out a way to open your present, repeat the preferred method of unwrapping for all remaining presents.
Step 5:
Line up your presents and admire your hard work!
Note to Santa...If you read this please make sure that next year you wrap presents for small children in thin paper which is easy to rip, use small amounts of sticky tape and don't tie those silly ribbons tightly around them!


The Kings said...

Poor Oscar! I bet he was so keen to get into them too, once he knew they were trains.

Coward Family said...

Felt like we were almost there! thanx Tones!

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