Tuesday, 25 December 2007

.I *heart* Christmas.

Our Christmas morning began with a little sleep-in (thanks kids! Isn't it sad how what you used to think was an early morning is now considered a sleep-in!!?) Luckily Oscar isn't old enough to really get Christmas yet and there is no early awakening. I am hoping that he takes after my family in this area as we never woke up early on Christmas morning, it was more like 8am whereas Jaron's family would wake up super early!

Oscar opened his presents from Santa and we had pancakes for breakfast at our house. Ty called from his mission in Fiji so we ran over to Mum and Dad's to have a talk to him.

Present opening began before our late lunch (in our family it is tradition to only open presents from Santa first thing in the morning and save everything else until later on in the day. We love it this way as all the excitement of present opening isn't over in the morning and it drags out for longer!

The way we open our presents is a firm tradition also, instead of a free-for-all approach we like to hand all of the presents out and then sit in a circle and open one present at a time around the circle. This way we get to see what everyone opens and it makes us appreciate each gift a little more.

Poor little Lil...got stickered by her Dad.
Oscar helped Cade give out all of the presents.
We had all received gifts from Grandad and Granny in Adelaide in little bags. Cade opened his first and we were all puzzled when he found a stretch piece of netting inside. Part of the accompanying card read:

"Gifts are certainly part of this season and we wondered what we could give to you: you who have so much and live in this land of freedom and plenty. Our gift to you this year is a double gift: you will receive joy as you contemplate your feelings, knowing someone else has been blessed through you. Our Christmas present to you was to buy for a mosquito net for an older orphans home in Kenya on your behalf."

How awesome is that? Definately one of the most thoughtful gifts I have seen in a long time. There is a lady who lives in Adelaide who goes to Kenya to build homes for the orphans through donations and fundraisers. (The orphans are adults whose children have died and have no one to look after them).

Altogether the family has contributed: 1 cow called Matilda, 3 sheep, 4 ducks, 15 laying hens, 1 bed, 1 mattress, 1 blanket and 2 mosquito nets.
Our family contributed a sheep, we were all given something to remind us of our contribution.
So after present opening we had a bbq lunch with yummy seafood and salads. I think we were pretty good this year, didn't eat too much or feel disgusting but still had delicious food and a lovely day. Come to think of it...we didn't even have dessert! Never fear, the festivities continue today, Boxing Day and rumour has it Mum has put together he delectable mango dream for dessert! YUM! Have to remember to get a photo because that one deserves a Recipe Monday feature!
We might have a go on Singstar today too, Dad's Christmas present, and test out our singing abilities.

There always has to be a booby prize present or two on Christmas Day, right? Well I always seem to be the one getting the dodgy presents! Perhaps my family is trying to tell me something...

Last year Ty got some bath bombs out of Mum's bathroom cupboard and tied them up in a plastic supermarket bag and gave them to me!

One year Carli gave me a sponge for Christmas and another year she gave me cotton balls! She is the queen of booby prizes!

This year I opened a present from Carli and found a packet of....wait for it....

DISPOSABLE UNDIES! They are disgusting, kind of remind me of a surgical cap and are huge! Jaron was my wiling model to display them for a blog shot! So if anyone is in need of a pair or 2 of disposable undies, let me know, I'm more than willing to share...


The Kings said...

Ha ha - love the undies! You mean you aren't going to wear them on romantic nights!? Looks like you had a fun day. Very exciting news about Fil. Got an email from her this morning.

Chelsea Parsons said...

ohh gross, but they would be good straight after having a baby... give em to Lisa and me!!! Mmmm, cant wait! Looks like you had a great day. LOVE the Kenya pressies.

Carli said...

Jaron should wear those swimming - they only look a bit see through.

Anonymous said...

One day when Jaron is a bishop we'll be able to put that photo on the noticeboard...

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