Sunday, 16 December 2007

.Ingeniis Patuit Campus.

"The field is Open to Talent" is the translated motto of the University of Tasmania. Yesterday we had Jaron's FINAL graduation ever...please no more study! Graduation ceremonies are soooo long and boring, especially on a hot day with no air conditioning. But it was the icing on the cake and feels like it is all really over now.
Some random lady took a few family photos for us...and my eyes were shut in all of them!


Marnie Watson said...

tone these pics are so cool, love the colours, and the black and white ones are cool. Well Done Jaron! oh, and what is that skirt you are wearing in the last one, looks so funky, can you post a pic of it!!! I want to see...hehehe

The Kings said...

Congratulations Jaron. Never trust random ladies!! What a bummer about the eyes shut

Sarah said...

Yeah, congratulations! You didn't have to wait long for graduation (Sam's isn't until April I think). Now its really all done. What an exciting new chapter you're embarking on:)

Carli said...

Another chapter of your lives is closed - cool photots Toni!

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