Wednesday, 12 December 2007

.a picnic with mama.

We are loving our large, secluded front yard. I wish Oscar would go out and play by himself, but he is always asking, "Mummy outside?" "Mummy kick football?" "Mummy run around tree" - and we have had some fun times kicking the football to each other and playing chasies around the trees. I'm not nearly as fun as Daddy when it comes to outdoor running around activities, but a two year old doesn't tell him Mum that she is unco and he loves the way she kicks a football!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Toni.

Sarah said...

Hyrum is the same Toni, he is never too enthused to play by himself. He is just starting to play with Ashton a little now. I love your beautiful tree, how lovely to have so much space to roam!

Simone Triffitt said...

Wow you need to blow up some of those photos and put them on display. They are awesome!!

MattP said...

Great photos of a beautiful family, Toni! We love you guys to bits and miss you! love from Uncle Matt

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