Monday, 31 December 2007


Oscar and Lil are getting so big and cute! Oscar especially is very precious with Lil, he will go up to her during the day without any prompting from anyone and plant a big kiss on her cheek and say "hi wills". He is also very good at sharing his toys with her and giving Lil her dummy when she is grizzly.
I told Oscar to give Lil a kiss in these photos and after telling him about three times he looks at me and goes "Ocsa kiss Wills LAST time!" It was so funny!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing such a tender moment :-) Oscar is a gorgeous little boy and "Wills" is such a cute and lucky little sister.

Sarah said...

Love Lil's dress Toni! Very cute.

Sals said...

Hey Toni - thanks for your comments on my blog..:) to answer your question...I have a Digital SLR Fuji Finepix S700 - it's about 4 years old now so a little outdated for a digital camera but it still does the trick...FOR NOW!! heee it's only 6 megapixel but has a setting for 12mp due to Fuji's technology..if you email me at I can give you more details on that and explain if you're interested. They are no where near as expensive as when I got mine...I think i've seen them for $300 in the junk mail. A hint though...Photoshop always helps with touching up photo's...the photo of Ashton on Sarah's website that I took was quite dark because it was inside flash (ugggh) so I lightened and added some colour in photoshop...can also explain in an email exactly what I did there if you're interested. :) have a great new years...will add your link to my blog to keep updated! cheers sals

Carli said...

I like her sweet dress

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