Monday, 14 January 2008

.Flilpa and Chris.

Well we have FINALLY met our new brother-in-law (to be...). Filipa and Chris came down from Queensland late Friday night and we had a fun family weekend together getting to know him and getting excited about their wedding. It was just a short trip for Chris, 2 days (perhaps he was playing it safe and didn't want to stay for too long in case he thought we were strange!). Fil is here for another week. We had a fun weekend, Chris fitted into the family really helped that he is 6' 8" and a HUGE basketballer so the boys were very happy!
We had pancake breakfast on Saturday morning and Mum and Dad took Fil and Chris to visit Nan and Pop in Deloraine, then we had a bbq and mini family engagement party on Saturday night.
I made an orange and poppy seed cake and Mum decorated it with flowers from the garden for their "engagement cake". It looked very pretty...
Lil and Michaela after dinner on Sunday night...they are such cuties - see what I mean about Michaela being so much bigger! It will be fun having them so close in age, watching them grow up together.I think Cade is VERY happy with his new brother-in-law!


Cas and Jared said...

6'8"... wOAh that is tall, even taller considering how short fil is! How exciting! How and when did she meet Chris!? Also do you have her email? I would love to write and congratulate her!
Cas xo

Simone Triffitt said...

what a lovely get-together. Sounds like your summer hols are full of fun and family. The way they should be.

Marnie Watson said...

How Lovely! Congratulations to Fil and Chris. Whens the big day?

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