Saturday, 5 January 2008

.Lets Play Ball.

All Jaron wanted for Christmas was a basketball ring. When Mum and Dad moved house a couple of years ago they took down their basketball ring and have since had no where to use it at their new house, so Jaron became the lucky recipient of it. He gave it a bit of a face lift and after a few hours of work he and Dad finally got it erected in our back yard.


The Kings said...

Cool! Everyone has to have a basketball ring. Now you have to teach Oscar how to play. I think bball is one of the best sports to play :)I love it.

Marnie Watson said...

Boys will be boys!!! ( i wish i had room for one too!)

Anonymous said...

I think Jaron Should have got an Aussie rules ball for Christmas, just not enough room for goal kicking though in the back yard, guess basketball is a nice runner up :)


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