Monday, 11 February 2008

.fun times.

Wow, it feels weird that I haven't been near a computer for the last week. It was a good break actually, just hanging out with family in Sydney. Perhaps it would be good to have a technology-free week every now and then...
I arrived with Oscar and Lil on Monday night. We were welcomed by stormy weather and lots and lots of rain. Our plane didn't leave until late and we were supposed to get into Sydney at 10pm but were delayed and didn't arrive until 11pm. I was nervous about how then kids were going to be on the plane, but they were brilliant. Lil just kicked around and was so happy and Oscar kept himself entertained with a little tub of playdough and 4 paddle-pop sticks. Oscar and Lil had fun playing with their cousins. We have been very lucky this week as they have been able to spend time with all of their cousins in Sydney and this week Eve and Chris are down with Charli and Coda so there is lots more playing to come!
Jaron was supposed to join us on Wednesday night, but he and Cade had dramas with their flight being canceled and didn't arrive in Sydney until Thursday night. Bit of a bummer as it took up our only day to be able to go to the shops and do some stuff together, but we couldn't do anything about it. We were just grateful that they were able to make it in time for the wedding on Friday morning.
Filipa and Chris' wedding was absolutely perfect. They are a gorgeous couple and so well suited. They looked great together and had such a fun, happy day. We now have all of the boys taken care of in the family and only two girls to join when Ty and Cade get married!

Jaron made life-sized cut outs of Ty and Chris' brother Steven who is on a mission also so they were with us at the reception. It was funny seeing them pop up all over the place!
We stayed with Gem and Lew at the end of our trip. I think it has been about a year since we last saw them so it was fun to catch up and for the kids to have a play. It was my birthday on Saturday and Gemmah surprised me with a yummy chocolate sponge cake. Our plane trip home was pretty rotten. Oscar had a high temp on Friday night and was off all day on Saturday, we came home on the plane on Saturday night and our flight was delayed so we had to hang around the airport for awhile. He wailed for 2 hours straight! It was atrocious! At first we felt sorry for him, thinking that he must have been feeling sick but when it carried on for 2 hours our patience was really wearing thin. He kept saying "I want to go on the aeroplane" and we thought he was just whinging for the sake of whinging but as soon as we got on the plane he was so excited and happy all the way home! I don't think two-year-olds get the concept of waiting!!


Clare said...

Flippa looks so beautiful! It looks like a wonderful day. Your outfit looks great.

The Kings said...

Love the photos Tone! Were they taken with a new camera!?!? :) Are you loving it? Glad you had a nice time and that Jaron and Cade made it in the end. Fil looked beautiful and they look so happy. I know what you mean about patience - you can only feel sorry for them and have patience for so long! Glad Oscar was okay on the plane though.

Simone Triffitt said...

Good to have you home again! What a whirlwind week. Some quiet peaceful strolls on the beach might be nice just now.

Marnie said...

WELCOME HOME TOME!!! I missed you! (well, I know I dont see you very often, but it feels like I do when I can keep in contact via blogland!)...Looks like a lovely week in Sydney, the wedding looked beautiful, Fil is so gorgeous!! You look great too- have you had your hair done recently? I was yellow for a day last week ( tried to relive being 19 agin...haha- i went to woolies that night and bought a brown dye and dyed it back!...cant quite pull it off anymore :-( )...anyway, this is turning into an epic, maybe I should just email you...xx

Sarah said...

I'm so glad everything went well with Fil's wedding. I was watching the weather on Friday thinking of you guys. The photos look so beautiful. Sounds like the kids did really well with the flying too considering everything, its the worst when flights are delayed!

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