Monday, 4 February 2008


WOW! It is really hard to believe that Lil is six months old now! People told me that your second baby grows up faster than your first and it is soooo true! To me she still feels like a new, fresh, little baby, but she really is starting to get big. The last six months have been such a delight with her in our family. She is hardly ever crabby and is so easy to take anywhere. People always comment on what a settled, happy baby she seems to be - and she is! I am so excited about the next six months and seeing her little personality begin to emerge even more.


Cas and Jared said...

What a cutie!
And those bread rolls look delish! I might have to try them out!
Cas xo

Tayla Joyce said...

Aww Lil looks beautiful here.
She's growing up so quick.
Tayla. ox

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