Tuesday, 12 February 2008

.a near disaster.

When our new brother-in-law Chris arrived in Sydney last week he mentioned to Carli that he had a bag of smelly clothes he needed to wash, apparently he had bypassed sorting when he packed to move from Queensland and threw dirty and clean clothes together in a bag...combine that with a 12 hour road trip from Queensland and one bag of very stinky clothes was produced! Carli, very willingly and thoughtfully offered to wash his clothes for him to give Chris and Filipa time to get wedding stuff ready...sounds like a nice gesture, huh??

Well, it was...until Carli came running inside with a white linen shirt in her hands exclaming "I washed Chris's clothes with Maya's red dress and now everything that is white has splotches of red!" Fil and Chris had told us about their wedding attire and we knew that Chris was wearing a white linen shirt and were freaked out at the fact that we had just ruined his wedding shirt! This is where the panicking began...it resulted in lots of giggling (not in an evil way...) soaking, re-washing, scrubbing with bicarb, stain remover, anything we could get our hands on...and ended in (thankfully) and pure white linen shirt as good as new!
(these photos don't do justice the amount of red-damage the shirt encountered!)

We were thinking we were pretty darn good and Filipa and Chris would never know, the shirt would get ironed and hung up neatly in a cupboard ready for the big day.

Turns out after all of that hard work we couldn't contain the secret any longer and spilled the beans only to have Chris tell us that it wasn't even his wedding shirt! He is obviously a fan of linen and doesn't just wear it for a special occasion. Oh well, it kept us entertained for the afternoon and Chris now owns one of the most sparkling white linen shirts around!


The Kings said...

Oh no! What a crack up.

Marnie said...

haha! Great story!

Carli said...

it may look and smell nice but is likely to disintegrate the next time he wears it from being scrubbed too hard.

Sarah said...

Oh no!!! That story is too funny. Now I know who to call if I need help getting tough stains out of my washing:)

Tempany Family said...

I LOVE IT... When we were little we used to have cousin sleepovers at Grandma's house. One night the girls decided to shave 'the boys' (Tim and Chris) legs while they were sleeping. We actually wanted to shave off their eyebrows but we decided that was too mean and opted for legs instead. I don't think Chris talked to us for a month. He is lucky to have kind sister-in-laws like you and carli.
:-) Naomi
PS. thanks for the earlier message. My belly is getting quite big. Hopefully only another 8-10 weeks now. they are two girls one is head engaged the other is breech but they should deliver naturally in early to mid April.

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