Sunday, 24 February 2008


I really love pinafores. I really do. Are they back in fashion yet because I would wear one all the time if I could. Well, until they come back in fashion I will just have to dress Lil in them and live my pinafore fetish through her! Thank goodness I got a little girl!

So this week I spent a few days drafting and designing a cute little pinafore pattern to make a dress for Lil. I didn't want to use "good" fabric yet, incase it didn't work out! So I used some left over fabric I had in my stash from the cushions on our couch (she blends in very well with the decor in the loungeroom now!)

Anyway, it worked out okay. I guess I am more critical than the average viewer - you know how you always pick faults in your own work? I still need to make a few modifications...shorten the straps and bring in the sides a little, but its not bad for my first effort! If I leave it as it is, she will probably grow into it though.


Anonymous said...

Toni you are soooo clever! I am a pinafore lover from waaay back too and think the one you made baby Lil is delightful. My girls have tons of them! Maybe instead of shortening the straps you could make them adjustable with buttons? Some of the girls pinnies are like that and then they can wear it for a longer time as they grow taller. A winter pinafore in pin wale cord would be sooo lush! Why can't I sew?!!!!

whitneyraye said...

ahhhh that is so so cute!!
i cant believe you made it! it looks awsum :D

The Kings said...

Lil did look very cute in her little pinafore. You are so talented! You make me sick! :)

Marnie said...

WOW! are amazing! Can we please have a tutorial??? Lil looks gorgeous, I love pinafores too...I bought a few this summer in Sydney(oh dear, i hope they were in fashion!), but it is getting too cold to wear them now cause they were summer ones. I hope you are having a great day xx

Just another Triffitt Family said...

I love Lil's little pinafore!!! I want one in my size:) You are so clever!! Deffinately talk to Picture Patchwork!! Move over Amy Butler and Melly and Me, make room for Toni;)xx

Lauryn said...

such a cute pinafore Toni!

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