Thursday, 21 February 2008

.she's sitting.

Last week she could kind of sit...this week she is really sitting. Very cute and lots of fun because she can play with toys more easily, but sad at the same time because she looks like such a big girl now. (I swear she is putting on more weight every day...if only it were cute for me to look like that!)
On another note...we sold our camry and bought a new car, a Corolla Levin Wagon. This is a real Mama car, I feel like a Mum driving it around and it is a dream to throw (um...I mean place gently, honey...) the pram into the back of and still have heaps of room for the groceries too.


Tayla Joyce said...

Those pictures of Lil are adorable.
She is so much bigger and just so cute.

Marnie said...

I love the new car Tone, Im sure it is very nice to drive! Lil is such a cutie, and she's very clever to be sitting up all by herself...hopefully we will get to see her(and you guys!) in person soon xx

The Kings said...

Nice car, and Lil looks so big now sitting up like a big girl!

The Parsons Family said...

woo hoo, very nice! Least ya didnt get a mini van!!!!

Carli said...

nice car. Lil you pudding girl.

Jackie & Mark said...

Hi Toni
Love the car and the colour is great..
You will have to come down to Deloraine sometime and check out Mel and Deans new house..they move into it next Friday..about time they got out..

Simone Triffitt said...

Oh man I can just imagine Jaron, cleaning it and buffing it each weekend. Did he give you a 'how to place the pram gently in the back 101 lesson" too?? ha,ha!!

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