Saturday, 22 March 2008

.easter saturday.

Holidays are all about traditions, right? Well in our family easter bunny makes a special visit not once, but FOUR times over the easter weekend! Yep, he comes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! When I was growing up "my easter bunny" came to us four times, and now he comes to my children four times. It only happens once a year, so we want to make the excitement and magic linger for as long as possible.
We started out our day visiting some garage sales...I wish I could say I was one of those people who loved to opp-shop and find second-hand bargains, but I'm not. In fact, I kind of cringe at the thought of going into an opp-shop and have to wash my hands really well after I have been in one! I'm okay with people buying things for me from opp-shops, as long as they have been washed really well by the time they get to me! Weird, I know. Today we were lucky enough to find some really cool garage sales though and picked up a few fun finds - some toys for the kids, tupperware (you can't have enough tupperware!) and cute shoes for Lil. Oscar is so happy with his 50c treasure, a set of Thomas lacing cards...looking forward to these keeping him quiet in church tomorrow!
We picked up these adorable little leather shoes for Lil. They are called "baby paws" and are handmade in Tasmania from genuine leather. We had a pair for Oscar and they were fantastic. A little on the pricey side, but totally worth the money. They would NEVER fall off him and were nice and soft and flexible for his growing feet, easy to crawl and learn to walk in too. I love how Lil's are look like little ballerina shoes on the end of her chubby legs!
We headed off to the Farmer's Market and picked up some local fresh fruit and vegetables, then off to the footy ground to watch Cade play his first game for the season. Oscar is going to be a sport freak like his Dad and uncles. Everywhere we go he insists on taking a football, soccer ball, tennis racquet, cricket bat, basketball or tennis ball...cute. He was so intent watching "Cadey" play football, calling out to him and focusing on the game.He is really cute with Lil now too. He talks to her like a real big brother, sharing his toys with her and always asking her if she is feeling happy! He calls her "Willsy-girl-girl" and loves to give her kisses.
And me, sitting in the car at the football...sorry Cade, I try to watch, I really do! I just have more fun playing with my camera and reading magazines! :)


Chelsea Parsons said...

Tone, when I got my Digital Rebel, I very fast ran out of space on Blogger cause the photos were so big. Make sure you resize them down to 600 width in Photoshop for posting otherwise you will have to pay $25 for more space!!! and if you are already doing that just tell me to bug off!

Loving your new photos though!!!

Bianca said...

Baby paws are great. I love them too! Scarlett had the cutest pink pair of sandals.

The Kings said...

Oscar is so cute the way he talks to Lil!

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