Thursday, 20 March 2008

.a quick easter craft.

At playgroup today we learned how to make a neat little easter bunny basket. Oscar didn't make one at playgroup, so we brought home the things to make his at home. They are very cute and a fun easter craft to do with the kids. You should have all of the things at home to make them, if not, I'm sure you could improvise and come up with some great creation!

You will need:
** a scoop from laundry powder box
** a cotton ball
** a cut out easter bunny head (do a search in google images)
** shredded paper
** sticky tape
Step 1:
Attach easter bunny head to the handle of the scoop with sticky tape.

Step 2:
Attach cotton ball to back of scoop for tail with sticky tape.
Step 3:
Fill easter bunny's tummy (scoop) with shredded paper.
Step 4:
Leave out for easter bunny to fill with eggs!

Ta da! You will feel like a super mum! A quick, easy, easter craft. No discouraging clean-up. A happy child (or two). Some quality time spent together. And somewhere for easter bunny to leave his surprise!


Sayers Family said...

how cute! that playgroup sounds really good.

Carli said...

Well don Oscar! We only have one scoop at the moment so there would be a bit of a fight over it.

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