Tuesday, 11 March 2008

.two giraffes.

How cool are these giraffes? I made them last week using a pattern from Melly & Me called Mrs Perkins. They are really tall, about 40cm, and have legs that move and funky spiky hair! Well worth making if you are looking for a crafty activity to do. I made one for myself and one as a display for Picture Patchwork. I love their quirkiness and sad eyes that just make you want to give them a cuddle!


Carli said...

They're very tall - I like the wild hair too.

Anonymous said...

Toni, your so cool...how do you come up with all this stuff?? lol...

From Chris

whitneyraye said...

i absolutely love these tone-dog. They look cool as!!!
i love looking at your blog coz everytime i check it theres a new post. its sweeet!
miss you+jaron+oscy+lils!

Cas and Jared said...

They are so cool! You must be a fast worker, your always wipping things up!

Cas xo

Clare said...

They are awesome! I checked them out on Esty earlier and want to make them (and the monkey and dinosaur but will wait till I am pregnant so I have a reason to make them) I love home made toys (and everything else) but am not nearly as fast as you! While I was away I was watching a show in the morning- called the Martha Stewart show and they showed how to make rabbits and dogs out of gloves the instructions should be on her site. I thought of you as it covers everything as you do! i also love that you are selling your patterns! Good work!

Tayla Joyce said...

Arrgh I want one.
I love the green one.
Wow so cool.
Can't believe how clever you are.

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