Friday, 11 April 2008

.meet the circus!.

We had another fun play with Linda, Melissa and Danielle on Wednesday at the Raspberry Farm..

What started out as a little gathering of four new Mums and four quiet babies two years ago has seemed to grow out of control! Between us there are now 7 little kidlets aged 2 and under with another about to join the group any time now, and boy, did we feel like a circus!

We began our lunch sitting inside until the lunch time rush arrived and we were getting a few too many stares (you know the ones you get when you try and take toddlers to a restaurant!) so we took our crew outside and had a much more relaxing time out there with no noise or speed restrictions. :)

As always, the kids loved playing together and Oscar hasn't stopped talking about Riley, Zoe and Olivia since! And it was fun to catch up with the Mums again and do what we do best when we get and solve all of our mothering problems!!

P.S. Hope you guys don't mind me sharing pics of the kids on my blog...let me know if you do and I will take them off!


Anonymous said...

Not at all Toni! I love seeing pictures of all the kiddies! We must do it more often!

Anonymous said...

Do I mind? Quite the opposite actually! I've been waiting and hoping you'd post some photos. You got some great ones! It was so great to catch up and I can't wait till next time when I will really need the talking!
Love Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, i was wondering if we would feature in the life of Toni, very exciting! They all look so angelic in the pictures instead of the chaotic toddlers they are, but they are still our angels! Look forward to doing it again. xxx

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