Thursday, 29 May 2008

.Cheeky Monkeys.

Way back, more than 6 months ago I bought a Melly & Me Magoo pattern and fabric to make two monkeys. It sat around until last week when I finally got the urge to get cutting and sewing and finished them yesterday.
I love Melly & Me Patterns, always easy to put together. I have tried my hand at creating some soft toy patterns and just don't have the right brain for it, so I really take my hat off to their skill and creativity!
Aren't they the coolest? One for Osc and one for Lil. Oscar never really cares for soft toys, but last night he took them both to bed with him.

They are yet to be named, but this one - the boy one is a bit naughty and I found him hanging on the clothes line this afternoon.
Meanwhile this one - the girl one, was being very helpful getting into some gardening out the back.


The Kings said...

Awww - they are soooo cute!

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